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Category : DiGo Culture

Proove Accountable Media, The Way Media Should Be.

Media Agencies are operating in an old school fashion, marking up inventory, not being transparent, moving at a snails pace and not investing in the best talent. I felt there was an opportunity for an agency to be fully transparent, ethical, and to act as a true agent for the client. Built from the ground up, Proove is positioned as a challenger to the old school model and is set up to drive success for our clients in todays world.

What do our clients get from an honest agency?

No previous prearranged media, partner or data commitments…a realtime log of the daily optimizations made & a non-biased media recommendation that clearly maps back to what you need to accomplish in market. You will actually know where your media is running.

What does that mean?


Proove Accountable Media, the way media should be.

Read the full Business Insider article here.


What’s Your Measure of Proof?

There was once a man who refused to give up smoking until it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that smoking caused disease.

He didn’t live long enough to see the proof.

Today, there are direct (digital, mobile, SAAS, subscription, e-commerce, club…) marketers who refuse to improve their marketing success with an insight-driven multi-channel strategy until the perfect attribution model has been developed.

Every day, another one is buried by a marketer with a more reasonable measure of proof.

Is overall marketing efficiency your ultimate measure? Is making one dollar of marketing spend return two or three or four times as many customers your objective?

If so, you are an optimizer.

If you prefer perfectly attributable though small gains in discrete channels, then you’re an incrementalist.

Optimizers eat incrementalists for lunch.

Sometimes, in very big places, incrementalists work in the middle of a pyramid with optimizers at the top. Even so, they can only swim so far up before they hit a ceiling. Too late, they find that the open market is not a very friendly place for an incrementalist.

Why do incrementalists do it to themselves? Is it because they are trading upside for certainty? Is being sure more valuable to them than being successful? Is being right worth more to them than results?

Or did they just swallow a less intelligent idea of what it is a marketer is supposed to do?

Well … enough musing about the incrementalists, much as I would like to convert as many of them as possible to a life of success beyond explanation.

We are for the optimizers.


Freedom’s Pusher

We think we’re free, but we have habits. Our habits are tyrants. They dominate us. Hard as we may try, we can’t get free of habits, we can only build new ones. And we only feel “free” when we’re dominated by habits that empower us.

So, freedom is an addiction.

I help people form more inspiring, more empowering habits. I help marketers make more inspiring decisions, so they can help more people form more inspiring habits.

I’m Freedom’s Pusher.

What Happened to My DiGo? (What you want to know about our new logo and identity)



When we first launched this agency nearly two decades ago, we briefly had more time than clients, so we focused on building our own brand — and the world responded!

Since then, we’ve never lacked for exciting opportunities to do what we do for inspiring clients.

Naturally, our own brand became a bit like the Cobbler’s Children. You know that story right? The shoemaker so busy that his children went shoeless. That’s the way it’s told, usually. Truth was probably a bit different. The Cobbler’s Children never really went without shoes. It’s just that sometimes the shoes were quite old and worn down. Other times, the Cobbler tested out his most eccentric designs on his own children, saving the tried and true for his customers.

In my version of the story, the Cobbler prospers due to his focus on his clients and his intense commitment to his craft, and finally turns his attention and skill to making extraordinary pairs of shoes for each of his children.

So, check out our new shoes, in the form of a new identity to support our inspiring action mission.

Building brands and businesses through inspiring action teaches us something new every day. Most of all, we have learned the power of an inspiring action to spark something that grows and grows.

Thus, the match. From now on, when you see our logo, it will be ready to be grasped and struck. Ready to touch off a blaze.


Like an Internship in the CIA, Plus Vodka.

My first day I sat down and I thought “I am a spy working for an advertising agency!”

Each week I am given a list of events for Double Cross Vodka. When I attend these events I make sure to write down how they set up, what the brand presence is and if anyone talks about the brand. I document the night by taking photos.

DIGO Brands Indiana University

Recently received this picture from the wall of a freshman dorm room at Indiana University. The buzz from last year’s DIGO party seems to have penetrated the MidWest. Those who were there will not be surprised by the news! Looking forward to the 17th this coming May!