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Category : Thinking

We Will Not Avoid The Boss

An excerpt from the Inspiring Action Manifesto

We will not avoid the boss. We will not seek to set up our own fiefdom inside of the boss’s kingdom.

We will use the boss. If we have a founder still in charge, we will recognize that we are rich. Rich in clarity of vision. Rich is simplicity of organization.

If we but love the vision, everything else is available to us.

Have better ideas in support of that vision. Hatch better plans to realize the vision. Execute with great positive effect on that vision.

And you win.

You have something 99% of workers don’t have. Something priceless. You know who decides. You know where the buck stops.

If we report to the CEO, COO, CMO or similarly senior team member, we will consider this person as potentially the most powerful member of our team.

We will never fail to use this power when we can. We will pull this person in. We will choose radical collaboration rather than cautious avoidance.

Of course, we respect that the boss is busy. We understand that we cannot plunge the boss into a morass if minutia. When the boss declines our invitation, we are gracious and understanding – up to a point.

After that point, we must resell the boss on involvement. There are things only the boss can accomplish, and if those things are crucial to the next level of growth, then they ought to be top priorities. We make it as quick and as direct as it can be, but we pull the boss in to get the obstacle unblocked, the connection made or the problem solved.

We use everything we’ve got to build our brand and business, starting with the boss.


Take Our Daughters To Work Day

For most parents, the day goes like this:

Wake the kids up. Make them breakfast. Send them off to school. Go to work.

But not today. Today is Take Our Daughters to Work Day. Whether you’re a teacher or a lawyer, it’s the one day each year where you can bring your little angel to the office for all to see. It’s your one chance to show off the little princess that’s been seen framed in a picture on your desk for the past 2 years. Now, for the first time, your daughter can see what Daddy and Mommy do everyday. It’s an opportunity that should be taken advantage by everyone, in all professions.

On second thought, maybe not everyone

This year, we teamed up with incredible director Ted Melfi and production company Brother to make the funniest Take Our Daughters to Work Day ad ever made. How? By encouraging Prison Guards everywhere that the clink is probably not the best place for your 7-year old girl. In fact, it’s SO funny that you may even see it running on Comedy Central’s website. Check out the spot below:

Comedy Central – Prison Guard from DiMassimo Goldstein on Vimeo.

P.S. But seriously Prison Guards, don’t bring your daughters to work today. Please.


Make Every Day Earth Day

By James Nieman

Here at DiMassimo Goldstein, Earth Day holds a lot of meaning.

Last year, we hosted a party called the “Night of The Living Shred”. We invited a bunch of our friends over to the agency to shine a spotlight on waste in the advertising industry. We asked them to bring over old presentations, unused ads, and any other old paper they had lying around the office so we could recycle them and celebrate the day while collectively helping to support and protect the environment.

Some of the paper went to our paper shredder, where our amazing Art Director Erica Grau took the remains and used them create a mural that a year later still shines brighter than ever. If you haven’t seen it already, the recap video is worth the watch.

So when Earth Day came around this year, we knew we had to Inspire Action again, except this time, we did it internally.

As an agency, we work hard to create empowering habits, not just in our clients and their customers, but in ourselves as well. That’s why throughout our entire office you will see these beautiful flyers reminding us that every day is Earth Day, and that if you truly want to make a difference, you have to turn actions into habits.


These flyers are here to stay, and we’re going to continue to strive towards making this office as environmentally friendly as possible.

But Earth Day is also a celebration, and we couldn’t help but turn the day into some Social Media fun. Check out our DiMassimo Goldstein Snapchat filter below:


Together, we can make every day Earth Day.


DiMassimo Goldstein Names Desiree Cortez Partner

From Intern to Partner, Inspiring Action Agency Names CFO as Fifth Partner

April 11, 2016 (New York, NY) – To support its ongoing growth, NYC-based advertising and brand-building agency DiMassimo Goldstein has announced that Desiree Cortez has been named the agency’s fifth partner. Previously Director of Operations, Cortez will also assume the title of Chief Financial Officer, effective immediately. Cortez will take on expanded responsibilities in the ongoing development of financial and operational strategy aimed at cementing the agency’s position as the leading partner for life-changing marketers.

Beginning a decade-long career with DiMassimo Goldstein, Cortez joined the DiGo team as an operations intern, quickly securing a full time position as First Impression Manager. Focused on the agency’s finances, facilities, and HR management, Cortez played an integral role in the restructuring of DiMassimo Goldstein’s operations department and fundamental infrastructure. Cortez is credited with the development and growth of DIGO’s internship program and assisting in leadership training material construction. Making her an invaluable asset to DiMassimo Goldstein’s brand-driven growth network, Cortez is recognized in the creation of current systems, policies, and procedures accredited to the agency’s scaled profitably over the past 10 years.

“We’re trying to build something unique in the world, an integrated agency focused on life-changing organizations, and Desiree has been an important part of that for ten years,” said the agency’s chief, Mark DiMassimo. “We have long since been working as partners, and this makes it happily official.”

As Chief Financial Officer, Cortez will take on expanded responsibilities in strategic business planning and will continue to serve as a business partner for clients during key points in their relationship with the agency.

“I am both honored and excited about the opportunity and look forward to playing a leading role in the next 10 years of our agency’s growth,” said Desiree Cortez on her new promotion.

In addition to her new role as Chief Financial Officer, Cortez will join CEO Mark DiMassimo, President Lee Goldstein, Managing Director of Proove, Adam Lutz, and Chief Creative Officer, Tom Christmann in the rank of Partner. Driving the growth and direction of the agency, Cortez will be included in key decision-making about the services the network will build and foster, while maintaining its commitment to inspiring action and direct-economy innovation.

About DiMassimo Goldstein (DIGO Brands):

DiMassimo Goldstein, an Inc 5000 fastest-growing company (2014 and 2015), is a NYC-based independent brand and business-building agency that accelerates value, scale, and impact through inspiring action. The agency serves a rising class of entrepreneurial leaders of innovative companies in the US and beyond who want to chart a path of life-changing growth in an era of overwhelming change. Clients include HelloFresh, Great Minds, TradeStation, Online Trading Academy, Weight Watchers, Affinity Federal Credit Union, Mediacom, National Jewish Health, Sallie Mae and among others. Proove Accountable Media is DiMassimo Goldstein’s media planning, buying, analytics and optimization arm.

About Desiree Cortez:
Beginning as an operations intern and rising to newly announced Partner and Chief Financial Officer of DiMassimo Goldstein, Desiree Cortez has spent over a decade focused on the financial and operational growth of the agency core initiatives on its charted path to become the leading agency partner for life-changing marketers. Holding previous position titles including, First Impression Manager, Operations Manager, Director of Finance and HR, and Director of Operations, Desiree has proven to be an essential member of the DiMassimo Goldstein team. After choosing to focus on finance, Desiree earned a Master degree in Accounting and Financial Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Desiree currently splits her time between Chicago and New York City offices.


Making the Most of Stock Footage

Oh, stock footage.

Some of it is just so… strange.

We used this to our advantage when creating this new national TV campaign for The unconventional footage of a birthday clown, equestrian and magician not only serve to grab viewers’ attention, but also help us position the brand as the experts on all things credit cards.

We hope you enjoy these spots as much as we enjoyed searching through ridiculously random stock clips. (If that’s even possible.) – Clown from DiMassimo Goldstein on Vimeo. – Equestrian from DiMassimo Goldstein on Vimeo. – Magician from DiMassimo Goldstein on Vimeo.

 -Trevor Hickey, Senior Copywriter & Erica Grau, Art Director


Inspiring Action Brand of the Week: Betterment

Betterment is our sixth Inspiring Action Brand of the Week. Past winners have been ShinolaBonobosEverlaneCasper and ThePointsGuy.


Investing Made Better

Make a quick visit to Betterment’s mission page and you’re greeted with the following:

“We created a company. It changed an industry.”

It’s a bold and direct statement chock-full of pride. And guess what? It should be.

Why? Because here’s the thing: it’s the absolute and undeniable truth, and if wealth managers everywhere haven’t realized this yet, they will very, very soon. The financial investment industry is on the cusp of a revolution, and Betterment Is leading that charge.

Similar to the way AirBnB wedged its way to the top of the hospitality landscape, or how Uber flipped the script on transportation, Betterment is using smarter technology to outduel its competitors.

And like AirBnB and Uber, Betterment isn’t your cute little trendy start-up competing for its fifteen minutes of Silicon Valley sunshine. It’s an absolute force. Based in New York City, Betterment has the mecca of finance grasped in its hands, and it’s not loosening its grip anytime soon.

Through its simple, yet beautiful user-friendly design, Betterment is snatching customers at a rapid pace. It’s the largest, fastest-growing automated investing service out there, and grew it’s AUM (assets under management) from 1.1 billion to 3.5 billion in this past year alone.

That type of uncanny, jaw-dropping growth is the reason financial managers and wealth advisors should be shaking in their boots. Betterment isn’t just influencing behaviors, it’s redirecting them. They’re puppeteering a shift in culture, one where managing your wealth can be as easy as scrolling through your iPhone. And while the suits on Wall Street can kick back in their leather chairs for the time-being, they may not want to get too comfortable. Betterment is knocking on their door, and if their influence continues to grow at the staggering pace it is, that door won’t just be opened, it will be blown off the hinges.

But don’t get it twisted, Betterment wasn’t created to put financial advisors out of work or to lead an assault on an industry riddled with corruption.

It was created for you. It was created for me. It was created so that normal everyday people had a better option. With Betterment, it’s always been about the customer.

It all started with an inspiring idea – an inspiring idea that CEO Jon Stein then put to action.

“Friends and family asked me, ‘What should I do with my money?’ There were no good answers – so I set out to build one.”

So why Betterment?

Because managing your finances is hard, and they make it easy. It sounds so simplistic, but simplicity is Betterment’s favorite instrument, and they play it better than anyone else. It’s what sets them apart from imitators and its why Quartz dubbed them “The Apple Of Finance”. Stated eloquently in their mission statement, they “built an experience that replaces confusion with delight and uncertainty with control”.

Let’s face it. Finance is confusing. It’s a textbook of complex acronyms that only get more complex when expanded to their true meaning. It’s daunting and causes headaches.

Yet, it’s absolutely necessary. It cannot be ignored, and up until just a few years ago, there was no alternative.

Betterment uses an algorithm that implements financial advice that is widely agreed upon. That means no in-person counseling. No conflict of interest. It’s all executed online. It’s quite literally a well-oiled machine.

“You’re trusting somebody, but why? Especially when you can do the same thing with a massively scalable platform like ours” says Stein.

It also means that it’s cheaper for you and me. It’s not nearly as expensive as the typical cost of a traditional financial advisor, which leaves both you and me with more money to invest. Without the overhead of traditional brick and mortar establishments, they can afford to charge less for its services, which again, means more money for you and me.

Their customers include everyone from the old to the young and from the rich to the poor. Their approach to managing money is fundamentally democratic.

However, Betterment has established quite the kinship with millennials. This should come as no surprise, seeing as the tech-savvy generation would be the most likely to trust a website over a human advisor. And then, of course, you have the beautiful and unprecedented luxury of accessibility. How many young professionals in their mid-twenties do you know who have financial advisors?

Now they all can – on their laptop or in their pocket, on the subway or at the ball game. It’s a simpler, more painless way to save and earn a lot more over time. It’s also simpler, more painless way to start today.

That’s why Betterment is our Inspiring Action Brand of the Week.

-James Nieman, Integrated Marketing Manager