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Brand Campaign

Don't Give Your Money to a Fat Cat

What do you do when you’re a credit union that has to compete with the marketing budgets of all the big banks? You find a way to stand out. That’s exactly what we did with Affinity, the largest credit union headquartered in New Jersey. We created cat videos. But videos that educated people about credit unions while bringing to light the truth: banks are run by fat cats. It was a TV campaign that could never, ever have been done by any uptight bank.

Our 100% fat cat-free push became viral. It was picked up by Mashable, Agency Spy, and CUNA, generating earned impressions. It was awarded funniest commercial of the year by Spike TV. Twice. But most important, we showed people that they could belong to something better.


Product Campaign

To promote Affinity’s fee-free checking, we took a different spin on the concept of being 100% Fat Cat Free. This time, we conducted a social experiment with real people, but one that took a turn for the extreme. To demonstrate how big banks blindside their customers with fees, we invited them to a local community college, blindfolded them and had a “fat cat” team comprised of top athletes pummel them with dodgeballs—er, more like feeballs, in the most lopsided game ever. This fully integrated campaign included digital banners and a landing page featuring extra outtakes. In just six months, we reached 75% of our yearly deposit goal. Plus the campaign brought in applications for other products beyond checking.