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A few social media highlights to start your week…

Here is the Social Media Update for the week.

1. Instagram Video Don’t Make Me Love You

Instagram has launched a new video option similar to Vines. This will create competition for Twitter’s Vine app. Instagram is ahead of the game, they smartly avoided many of Vine’s initial missteps like leaving out hashtag and front-facing camera support. They also included filters for the videos and longer video durations.

2. Report: Facebook Working on a Flipboard-Like News Reader

3. Branch Launches Potluck, a Stress-Free Social Network

4. Snapchat Introduced SnapKidz for Users Under 13

5. Instagram Gets Video and Other Top Comments

6. Jim Beam Thinks Twitter’s ‘Amplify TV’ Will Better Ad Copy

7. Twitter’s Future: Commerce, Diner Reservations and More TV Tie-Ins

8.Viral Content

Nik Wallenda Survives Insane Grand Canyon Tightrope Crossing

A Chance to See Saturn, For the First Time in 7 Years

Obama Singing Get Lucky By Daft Punk