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The Most Successful DSE Yet!

ExpoNation asked us to boost the number of registrations for this year’s Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas. So far, we’ve increased registrations and revenue to a record high, and the registrations are still coming in – so this will be the most successful event in DSE’s ten-year history. The campaign went beyond the immediate benefit of seeing new technology firsthand, although we certainly touted that, too. (more…)

DIGO Brands Brand Mascots.

Matt Brownell, AOL Daily Finance

This year’s Super Bowl commercials featured rambunctious geriatrics, cross-dressing husbands and Jamaicans from Minnesota. But mascots, once a staple of the advertising world, were almost completely absent from the night’s proceedings.

DIGO Brands a Design Studio.

When you review design presentations, do you feel a thrill?

Do you get truly excited by the choices you have in front of you?

You deserve to see work that excites you, and a design team that brings you work so good, it’s hard to choose.

Valentines Day 2013 — Has Technology Rewired Our Hearts?

Eric Yaverbaum, Huffington Post

WBEZ Radio in Chicago has been promoting a Facebook app which encourages listeners to “make babies” so they can create a ‘next generation’ audience for the show in the future. Part of the approach includes going where millennials are going anyway. For dating. For friendship. For communication. And I guess for making babies?

Mark DiMassimo’s Super Bowl Recap.

This was a war-time economy sort of Super Bowl. Unabashedly patriotic.

Or perhaps this was a post-war sort of Super Bowl. Optimistic. Resurgent.

Maybe it was a bit of both.

We saw the American car companies come back and identify themselves with other severely tested and ultimately triumphant swaths of American culture and myth. Chrysler went the furthest here, with a partnership with the USO and Oprah, and a highly emotional tribute to military heroes (the troops) that attacked the heart strings full force and gave no quarter. Trumping even that was Dodge RAM’s ode to the spirit of the American Farmer, with a resurrected Paul Harvey VO, reading the extraordinary classic piece of Americana, “For God Made A Farmer.” Oprah may be a Goddess, but she is merely an aspiring voiceover actor next to Paul Harvey.

DIGO Brands FreshDirect in Four New Radio Spots.

The process of grocery shopping still leaves, for most of us, a lot to be desired. Online grocery delivery makes the shopping part painless, but the first question people ask when faced with that proposition is “But will I get the same quality?”

With FreshDirect, they’ll actually get better quality than what they would get at the store. So we had a quality story to tell, but needed to reinforce convenience at the same time. And of course we needed a campaign that could tell that story in outdoor, print, digital, and – for launching new markets, especially – radio.