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Children Brand The Plaza Hotel

Tom Civitano, EVP of Marketing for the Plaza Hotel in New York noticed a lot by working and watching the hotel’s front desk. With his agency, DiMassimo Brand Advertising (now DIGO) he did an unobtrusive survey of families checking in, asking a single, simple question, “How did you decide to stay at The Plaza.” Nearly eight out of ten families claimed the children had decided! Likely much of this phenomenon was due to Civitano’s success in getting The Plaza featured in many movies and TV shows, particularly as the star location of Home Alone 2. He had noted in other research that people, and especially children, would say they were visiting “New York City” when they were staying at other hotels but would say they were visiting “The Plaza Hotel” when staying at The Plaza. To many children, as to many adults, The Plaza was the most aspirational destination on the planet. The surprise here was the extent to which children were driving the purchase decisions of their upscale parents. Civitano did many things over the years to capitalize on this insight and to enhance the loyalty of these children, minting many lifelong Plaza guests and fans. Home Alone 2. Eloise at The Plaza. The Young Plaza Ambassadors Program. Many, many educational and culture events. Always fun. And most of all, Civitano protected and enhanced the commitment of The Plaza Hotel to be a luxury hotel unlike any other, one that treated its youngest guests as its most precious, and dedicated itself to making their every stay unforgettable!

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