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All companies generate action, but relatively few are truly inspiring action. That distinction seems to make a great deal of difference in both results and impact. hits six out of the ten criteria we use to determine whether an organization is inspiring action:

Define the alternative future they exist to prevent

ThePointsGuy shares his knowledge of point systems so that others can benefit from these perks as well. He understood that his exposure to travel equipped him with a very unique expertise. In the last four years, he’s helped thousands of people enjoy luxury in a way they probably never have before. He’s empowered people to take the point system seriously, and in return they are soaking in the results, and probably the sun.



Discover what the people they serve aspire to be and do

Brian Kelly didn’t always imagine this as a profession. Instead, he was enjoying a lucrative career on Wall Street. His job required him to travel so much that his hobby of picking up points became somewhat addictive. He eventually mastered the trade, and began to realize that his peers had a genuine interest in how had landed on such a luxurious lifestyle. He discovered what they were all eager to know, which was how to use the points system properly. They all wanted to learn what he knew so that they too could live a luxurious lifestyle without necessarily having the means for it. When he came to that realization, he started and left his job on Wall Street.

Know what your devotees love about themselves with them

They love saving money, but they also love luxury. They love memorable experiences, and they also love deals. They are travel fanatics who get great satisfaction from feeling as if they have “hacked the system” and maximized the benefits of their spending efforts. They don’t like to feel as if any dollar is wasted, so they pay meticulous attention to each purchase to see if they can squeeze out any points from it. Finally, they love the reaction they get from their friends when they tell them they did it all in such a cost effective way.


Have dramatized the inspiring idea through a small number of iconic actions

Kelly uses his YouTube channel HERE (link: and his Instagram HERE to dramatize his inspiring idea and bring it to life visually. For Thanksgiving, ThePointsGuy was dining in Etihad Airways’ luxury 3-room suite, a $32,000 experience that has taken VIP travel to a whole new level. The video captures the entire experience, and watching him change into his pajamas before being brought champagne by his personal butler exemplifies the types of experiences you can have if you follow his advice.


Have mapped the pattern of behavior that you wish to change

ThePointsGuy knew there was an entire world of luxury travels that people were missing out on, not because they didn’t have the money, but because they didn’t know to properly take advantage of the deals offered to them. And so he sought out to change their behavior. Through his website and social media channels, he began building a following. Now, with over a million devotees, ThePointsGuy is educating the masses on how they too can trade in the hostel bed for a 5-star suite.

Help people interrupt and redirect behaviors into habits

This is truly the selling point of ThePointsGuy. He wants his fans to become so enthralled by how they can elevate their adventures that paying attention to points and looking to optimize deals becomes second nature. It isn’t until it becomes truly habitual that you can reap the benefits of his advice. The more points you get, the more luxurious the reward, and that doesn’t happen from a single purchase.

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