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FirstKey Homes

Reinventing a brand’s identity and promise to inspire internal and external audiences. 

FirstKey Homes was a new player in the single-family rental industry, and lacked a distinct identity and promise to rally both home renters and internal stakeholders.

To differentiate FirstKey Homes in the market, we needed to communicate their mission of improving the quality of living for renters across America. We helped position the brand as a matchmaker that pairs renters with their perfect home in the right community, in the right neighborhood, and at the right price so they can make the American Dream their own. A new identity was formed from this, expressing the idea of “You’re Covered” through simple and approachable typography and custom drawn ligatures. The brand embraces purple, which allows them to stand out dramatically in the competitive space, and make a striking first impression on their audience.

A new tagline, “Unlock More,” brought the new identity and promise to life by evoking the brand’s name while vowing to give renters exactly what they deserve: more.