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DIGO Brands Fifteen Years

Royal Honeymoon Rumors Swirl. President Obama At Ground Zero. DIGO Marks 15 Years of helping visionary leaders grow brands and businesses. It’s a big week! We’ve gotten to see a lot of history up close in the past decade and a half. We had a front row seat for the pc goldrush, the first dot com boom and bust, the attacks of September 11, 2001, and the devastating fiscal aftermath, the electronification of the markets, the meltdown of 2008, the socialization and gamification of everything…

Through it all we joyfully hastened the extinction of dinosaur business models while championing the sometimes spectacular rise of new ones.In our first 15 years, we’ve relished the hard work of growing brands, campaigns and businesses. Even more so, we’ve loved building the relationships and credibility that continue to drive us relentlessly forward.People you will admire, will tell you how we committed to their success, then drove ourselves and everyone involved to do what it took to deliver what we promised, and more. People with whom we have been privileged to change the world, either a little or a lot. People who believe as we do, that there is no success without commitment.

So here’s to the next 15 years of Brand. Driven. Growth. Let the adventure continue!


DIGO Brands Your Downtime

In this world of screens, one might be tempted to put on a blindfold from time to time… but that can lead to bad trips. Instead, DIGO has devised new technology for agency initiative OFFLINING. New OFFcovers give your Attention Deficit Disorder a rest, and given as gifts, they send a wry hint to your screen-compulsed loved one. Coming soon for sale to the Offlining.com site, you’re reading about them here first. OFFLINING was founded by Mark DiMassimo and Eric Yaverbaum in order to you gently nudge yourself occasionally away from the screen. To read more visit www.OffliningInc.com.


DIGO Brands Workingmother.com

February 7th, 2011

Gift of an Unplugged Valentine’s Day

The gift of intimate time with your loved one (minus the Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, laptop etc.) may be the best gift you can give this Valentine’s Day. The team at Offlining.com suggests that you take a pledge to have several offline dates by Valentine’s Day and is offering a box of chocolates ($24.99, Offlininginc.com) hand-cut to cradle your Offlined phone or mobile device.

Unplug and reconnect with your loved one to have one of the most memorable Valentine’s Days in years. Read more here.


DIGO Brands the NFL

by Alan Schwarz
The New York Times
January 21st 2011

A mother worried “about my son playing football.” Two children colliding helmet-to-helmet — with superimposed crashing sounds and force lines rippling from their heads — drove home her fears.

Unveiled by Toyota in November, the television commercial highlighted the carmaker’s decision to share crash research with scientists studying football concussions, and was an explicit reminder of football’s recent controversies regarding concussions.

So explicit, it turns out, that the N.F.L demanded that Toyota alter the 30 second commercial, and Toyota promptly did. Now, the commercial — which originally ran last November but is now running in its edited form — has the mother worrying instead “about my son playing sports.” The helmet collision has been removed. A spokeswoman for Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Zoe Ziegler, said in an interview that the changes were made at the N.F.L.’s insistence. If Toyota did not change the ad, she said, the league had threatened to curtail or end the carmaker’s ability to advertise during games. (more…)