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The A-List Podcast with Eric Weisberg

On this week’s episode of the A-List Podcast, host and DiMassimo Goldstein CCO Tom Christmann is joined by Eric Weisberg, Global Chief Creative Officer at Doner, where he oversees creative across the agency’s 600-person micro-network in Los Angeles, Detroit, New York City, and London. Beyond his achievements as an award-winning creative, Weisberg is renowned for his ability to blend ideas, technology and media.

In this inspiring interview, Weisberg talks about the innovative ways he would reach out to agencies as a young creative looking for a job, what inspired him this year at Cannes, why collaboration is essential to bringing great ideas to life, and much more! Full episode and show notes below!

Show Notes:

  • [0:00 – 1:30] Intro
  • [1:31 – 5:29] Weisberg talks about his childhood in Ohio, the tagline used for his father’s meat company, and deciding to leave the family business to find a new adventure in life.
  • [5:30 – 10:30] Weisberg reflects on his time at Syracuse University and the teachers that ultimately inspired his career
  • [10:31 – 17:00] Living on a couch in Manhattan to work as an intern, and the creative ways he reached out to agencies for a job
  • [17:10 – 20:58] Eric talks about his first gig at Griswold in Ohio, and the funny story behind him leaving to go to Leo Burnett in Chicago.
  • [20:59 – 31:47] Creative partnership, his first shoot, and the moment he realized he could be have a successful career in advertising
  • [31:48 – 35:30] Weisberg talks about the time an executive fell asleep during one of his presentations, and why he decided to go back to New York to work for Walter Thompson
  • [35:31 – 45:00] “The Story Starting Process”, what he learned under Ty Montague, and helping J&J become the first company to advertise on an iPhone app
  • [45:01 – 48:40] His current role at Doner, and the importance of collaboration
  • [48:41 –54:05] How Cannes re-inspired him this year, and the power of creativity and where it’s going
  • [54:06 – 56:06] Why everyone should eventually teach
  • [56:07 – 58:01] Outro

“The A-List” is a podcast produced by DiMassimo Goldstein, recorded at the Gramercy Post, and sponsored by the Adhouse Advertising School, New York’s newest, smallest, and hippest ad school. You can subscribe and rate the show on iTunes or listen along on SoundCloud. For updates on upcoming episodes and guests, be sure to like the A-List Podcast on Facebook and follow host Tom Christmann on Twitter