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Why We Opted Out of Business Insider’s Sexiest Advertising Executives List.

Most people don’t know that Business Insider publishes an annual list of their picks for “the sexiest advertising executives.” This is probably a good thing.

After a short discussion, we at DiMassimo Goldstein opted out of the story and insisted that the editors of Business Insider remove us from the list.

Ultimately, a horror of objectifying advertising executives and the potential harm to the reputation of our industry outweighed our sincere pleasure in dominating the draft list, holding sixteen of the top twenty places and a healthy percentage of the remaining rankings as well.

We take the compliment.

But, at the end of the day, our sexiness is not what we sell. We sell our ability to help clients grow. The sexiness is really more like customer service… or atmosphere.

So, once again, thanks Business Insider. But no thanks. We will focus on making it with our brains.

For those who want to see the runner ups who, due to our decision to abstain, ended up on the list. Here you go!