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Design Thinking Applied To Marketing?

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When we talk about marketing, we talk about “the target” or “the consumer.”

But, when we approach design in a human-centered way, we think about “the user.”

The person we’re designing this for.

I have a radical belief about marketing. I believe that there’s so much of it that, if it is to effective as promotion, it must first be chosen.

I believe that we have to change our thinking.

FROM: Marketing is something that companies do to promote
TO: Marketing is something people use to inspire themselves to change

I find that when we change our thinking in this way, we change our results. Dramatically.

If you’ve read this far, it’s because you’ve chosen to.

Because you feel this post may be helping you make a change you want to make or take an action you want to take.

HERE’S AN INSPIRING ACTION: When we talk about marketing, let’s stop talking about “the target” and start talking about “the user.”

Let’s apply human-centered design thinking to marketing.

– Mark DiMassimo, Chief