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DIGO Brands A Secret: Direct Marketing Doesn’t Mean Bad

Here at DIGO, we have a secret.

Some of us were working on interaction design before there was an Internet.

Some of us cut our teeth designing interactive programs — such as Ford’s first interactive kiosks — before interactive agencies even existed.

A few of us learned a lot of what we know about design for behavior change through A/B testing in print, direct mail and DRTV before we ever started applying and refining this knowledge in the digital world.

And, for the past fifteen years, we’ve spent the better part of our time helping direct model businesses grow and thrive. In fact, to gobble up market share and to dominate.

But we haven’t labeled ourselves a “direct marketing agency.”

Our goal from the beginning was to be a premier creative, branding-building resource, as well an extremely business-like marketing shop. And, let’s face it, to the creative people who were key to this equation, “direct” meant “bad.”

We could better risk failing to attract a few clients who should be here than alienating the creative talent that makes DIGO uniquely effective… but, today things are different. Our track record and work speak for themselves. And the creative people are buying into our premise that “direct” can mean “awesome.”

So, here we go… and not for the last time either:


There, we said it!