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DIGO Brands The Rapture

Nothing good ever seems to happen without a deadline. So we at DIGO, who build brands and businesses, are grateful to the crackpots out there who periodically predict the end of the world. This way, we get all the benefits of the deadline of deadlines, without having to take the inevitable hit to our brand credibility when it once again turns out that Annie was the better prognosticator, and the sun comes out tomorrow. We well know that there is something in the human heart that does seem to quicken at the thought of a good apocalypse. Of all brands, the U.S. Govenment has mined this insight masterfully and has achieved extreme viral and social marketing success with their new Zombie Invasion Preparedness campaign. The parties. The memes. The jokes. The videos. The tweets. As a marketer and creative person, you can’t not be inspired by the global creativity that arises out of what in the Dark Ages would have just been some pretty bad news. So we thank the misguided zealots who stepped forward and took the extreme brand hit in order to set the deadline. Heck, it even got me to deliver this post!