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Learn from Squidoo.

Marketing genius Seth Godin founded Squidoo. This in itself is not a guarantee of success. Godin has founded many things, and quite a few of them didn’t work out, as he will freely admit in his own bio.

I’d bet on Squidoo. It has more than the spark that Godin brings to everything he does. It operates as the intersection of several trends that put together a compelling engagement model that is also a likely business model. This is rare.

On Squidoo, people put up their own “lenses.” A lens is basically a web page or site, that is the owner’s view of a situation.

You could do a lens about your love of a certain breed of dog. Or you could do one about a kind of chili you live. A recent “Lens of the week” winner was about a man’s childhood memories from the 1940.

Anyone can put up and maintain as many lenses as they want. In this sense, Squidoo is not unlike WordPress, Flickr and other similar sites. But, there’s an added incentive and focus for Squidoo lenses – money.

When there’s interaction and advertising revenue from your Squidoo lenses, Squidoo splits that revenue between Squidoo, charity and you.

People who play the game well can make some real money.

All of us can learn from the thinking that went into Squidoo.