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Reader’s Digest – Rebranding An American Icon

The Reader's Digest cover, redesigned in partnership with DiMassimo Goldstein

Growth Key: Positively Addictive

What happens when a brand born in 1922 decides to revive itself and start a new life in 2014?

Consider that the brand is a print publication, a category experiencing a mass extinction in this age of technology. Paid subscription circulation figures were slipping, as were advertising revenues. Furthermore, its parent company filed chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009, only recently emerging under private ownership. No marketing had been done in the last ten years.

This is the story of America’s beloved general interest family magazine, Reader’s Digest, and how January 2014 began a new age for the publication as it undergoes a collaborative editorial and design overhaul, making the new Reader’s Digest relevant for the twenty-first century.

Why do more people pay for Reader’s Digest than any other magazine? (more…)

Why DiGo is the first agency network to accept BitCoin.

photo by Antana

Introduced in January 2009, Bitcoin is the world’s first “crypto-currency,” a completely digital form of money that can be used as an easy method of instant payment or else exchanged for other currencies.

Because DiMassimo Goldstein has a tradition of quickly identifying and inserting itself ingeniously into burgeoning trends in business and culture before any other agency, we’re proud to announce that, as of today, we are the first ad agency network to accept BitCoin from our clients.

Founded as a hybrid digital and traditional agency in 1996, DiGo quickly became the growth partner for several early iconic Internet businesses (more…)

Local@Speed — Using Location To Create Unexpected Brand Experiences

While “SoLoMo” (social locate and mobile) is the latest industry buzzword, we’re surprised to not see more brands taking advantage of Foursquare. With location-based marketing, you start with WHERE, to seize an opportunity to put a brand spin not only on your audience’s location, but what they’re likely doing based on the venue.

At DiGo, we’re constantly searching for ways to engage our audience in unexpected, appropriate and refreshing ways.

In this SlideShare, we explore how brands such as GranataPet, PepsiMax, The History Channel, and New York real estate powerhouse The Corcoran Group have used location layers to create their own unique experience based on the landmarks and venues consumers check into as well as some thought starters on how you can invade the Olympic Games, World Cup, SuperBowl or any other major event without paying for it.

Using Location To Create Unexpected Brand Experiences from Mark DiMassimo

Growth – We All Start Somewhere

Why keeping perspective is a vital growth tool.

While growing something meaningful can be exhilarating, too much, not enough or just plain erratic growth is frustrating and each presents its own unique challenges. Of course, when we encounter these frustrations it’s important to keep perspective. Nothing worth doing is easy and we all have to start somewhere.

Pictured above is a Google server in 1999. Now in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, known as the “corkboard” server, this one one of 30 racks that housed the entire system. Today, there are tens of thousands of servers in a dozen server farms scattered across the globe with hundreds of people maintaining them around the clock. You can see what a staggeringly humongous enterprise this is in a microsite Google created for it.

The takeaway is that between the first corkboard server and the giant they are today was a sustained growth plan that worked. No doubt, along the way there were outages, failures, mistakes, hacks, and limitless challenges. But knowing where they were headed, having a plan for it and keeping that perspective is how they got where they are today.

Fast-growing companies make some critical mistakes when scaling. One of the biggest ones is losing perspective.

It’s easy to lose it when you grow from five to twenty to hundreds of employees in a short time, or you quickly onboard too many new clients, or roll out a complex array of products. So how do you keep focused? (more…)


Growth. Improbable, competition-threatening, critic-silencing growth is our aim and our comfort zone. It is what our clients have come to expect. It starts with a brand story so large that the only way to live it out is to grow. And then a plan. We help you define what growth means for your organization. We help you to quantify and measure it. We help you build and test a theory of growth. Then, optimize it and roll it out. Rinse and repeat. At DIGO, the entire organization shares a singular measure of success — we succeed when our clients grow.

Why We Opted Out of Business Insider’s Sexiest Advertising Executives List.

Most people don’t know that Business Insider publishes an annual list of their picks for “the sexiest advertising executives.” This is probably a good thing.

After a short discussion, we at DiMassimo Goldstein opted out of the story and insisted that the editors of Business Insider remove us from the list.

Ultimately, a horror of objectifying advertising executives and the potential harm to the reputation of our industry outweighed our sincere pleasure in dominating the draft list, holding sixteen of the top twenty places and a healthy percentage of the remaining rankings as well.

We take the compliment.

But, at the end of the day, our sexiness is not what we sell. We sell our ability to help clients grow. The sexiness is really more like customer service… or atmosphere.

So, once again, thanks Business Insider. But no thanks. We will focus on making it with our brains.

For those who want to see the runner ups who, due to our decision to abstain, ended up on the list. Here you go!

Every Touchpoint Matters.

Just wrote the welcome message for our DiMassimo Goldstein employee Intranet. Thought I’d share:

Welcome to the Growth Agency Network.

If you only remember three words, remember these: EVERY TOUCHPOINT MATTERS

In the center of you there is a double helix of DNA that sets in motion who you become. Clip a fingernail and this same code is there.

In the center of every experience is the truth of the brand. If the reception desk is boring, the brand is boring. If the invoice has no charm, the brand has no charm.

An inspiring receipt. A stylish notepad. A creative collection letter. A box with spots. A one-page owners manual.

Empires have been built on such small things as these.

If it is, it is a part of the brand.

Brand. Driven. Growth. That’s four, five and six. That’s how we do it.

Banner, hang-tag, balloon. Truck to television commercial. If we can do it, we can make it deliver the brand.

Here we tend to these individuals we call brands. We grow and evolve them. And we can tell you what is in the fingernail, before you clip it. (more…)