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Let my people go!

Will any of you take me up on this? Unless your job is to operate a computer – get away from your computer!

Get out of the office, and leave it behind, chained to your desk where it belongs.

The best ideas have been received in bars and coffee shops, garages and showers, beds and walks and shopping trips. Digital tools are so seductive, our lust for seeing our idea produced is so overwhelming, we are missing the whole game. A generation of campaigns created inside the box of the tools provided by devices will look old hat, and the first fresh style that comes from another place will stand out like a lightning bolt. Get up. Get up now. Plan a couple of hours. Go have coffee and talk about people and ideas, and scribble on napkins or in your sketch books. Bring back some gold.

When an idea is right, the rough on the cocktail napkin will sell it. Too much executing is a road of pretty pictures that leads to a Hell of mediocrity. Stand up. Stand up now. Take your favorite thinking partner. And go live a little.

Will you take me up on this? It could change your world, and ours.