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Strategy is different in a social world because brands grow differently when people rule.

We see the signs all around us. Design becomes more important—increasingly, it’s the key differentiator among brands. PR also rises in importance, while advertising falls. Discovering, channeling, exciting and curating expressions of passion become key disciplines.

At DIGO, strategy is about knowing where we’re going and where everyone else is going, too. It’s about solving the problems of today while building a vision for the future in an emerging marketplace.

We believe that emotion drives behavior, and that design details can minimize or remove barriers to action. We discover and leverage the emotional meaning of a brand, then build this meaning into everything we do. Emotion leveraged to action is DIGO’s hallmark as a master direct and social marketing agency.

DIGO’s strategic services include:

  • Brand Invention
  • Brand Launch
  • Brand Relaunch
  • Brand Positioning
  • Insight-Driven Product & Service Innovation
  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Kick Start
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Integrated Marketing & Media Strategy
  • Marketing & Business Strategy Alignment
  • Metrics for Success