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The 3Ms Model for Behavior Change Marketing

We have developed, tested and proven a single core model for building positive behavior change marketing brands and businesses.

Our results show that applying this model can improve return on marketing spend by up to 10x and more.

The 3Ms Model for Behavior Change Marketing

MOTIVATION and MOMENTUM in the MOMENTS that matter

The 3Ms model says that you build a behavior change brand by combining Motivation x Momentum in the Moments that Matter. So, let’s break it down.

Motivation comes from meaning or why you want to do a thing. The more motivated you are to do something, the more likely you are to do it.

Momentum is the energy for moving forward in a given moment, and in that moment, there must be a trigger to action, and that trigger to action needs to be easy. Easy to see, easy to comprehend, easy to achieve. But ease is not enough for optimal results. Inner momentum must be activated as well. 

Moments that Matter are the decision points along the journey that make all the difference. It makes sense to find the bottlenecks and use behavior change marketing to blast them wide open.

Why one core model?

As an expert marketer, you already bring a wealth of models to building brands and revenues. While much of what you know will be applicable, there are crucial differences in building a brand that people choose to change their lives by changing their behavior.

Building a brand for behavior change is simply different. 

While differentiation matters most in building a brand, motivation is essential in building a behavior change brand.

When we want to change behavior—say, to get fit, lose weight or do more deep work—we tend to focus on motivation, so having the brand enhance motivation at each key decision point is essential.

Yet, there’s something even more important than motivation. Momentum matters even more.

Making it easy to do a thing works better than making it matter more. If you want to change something, find the key behavior and use your design brain to make it easier to do.

If you are doing it for yourself, it works this way: 

  • To drink more water, put the glass of water by your bed at night.
  • To get on a regular sleep schedule, leave your alarm clock (or phone) across the room.
  • To eat healthier, put the healthy foods at eye-level in your pantry or fridge.

If you are doing it to improve your marketing results and your customer, client or member success, then design momentum into your key touchpoints.

Designing in “ease” isn’t enough. Inner momentum is more than just ease. It’s activating the fast-thinking brain. Behavioral science and marketing testing have uncovered hundreds of ingenious ways to do this, each of which can add significant value.

At DiGo, we’re using the 3Ms Model of Behavior Change Marketing to build the brands and businesses that help people, organizations and communities thrive. If that’s you, let’s talk!