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The A-List Podcast: Episode 001 with Rob Reilly

“My advice to young people is to be the Richard Branson of advertising”

In the premier episode of “The A-List”, host Tom Christmann interviews Rob Reilly, the Global Creative Chairman of Mcann Wolrdgroup. Reilly is one of the most well-respected creatives in the industry and has been recognized at Cannes with multiple Titanium and Grand Prix Lions awards. His 20+ years of advertising experience have made this interview a must-listen for anyone in, or looking to get into the advertising industry. You can listen to the full episode and view the shownotes below:


  • (0:00 – 1:36) Intro
  • (1:37 – 5:49) Rob Reilly’s Background
  • (5:50 – 12:42) Presenting, selling, and being a charming provocateur.
  • (12:43 – 15:59) The story behind Lockheed Martin’s “Field Trip to Mars”
  • (16:00 – 18:12) Millennials and the culture of instant gratification
  • (18:13 – 32:00) Reilly’s career journey
  • (32:20 – 39:35) An evolving industry, purpose-led marketing, and the future of advertising
  • (39:36 – 47:00) Advertising portfolios and landing a job
  • (47:01 – 47:58) Outro

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