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The A-List Podcast: Episode 006 with Matt Ian

In the sixth installment of The A-List Podcast, host and chief creative officer of DiMassimo Goldstein Tom Christmann chats with Matt Ian, Group Creative Director at Droga5. For just under an hour, Christmann and Ian talk about everything from getting fired and bouncing back in your career, to the art of the headline, and how students can succeed in the industry today. Full episode and show notes below!

  • [0:00 – 1:04] Intro
  • [1:05 – 7:05] Matt’s childhood playing music in Greenwich, Connecticut
  • [7:06 – 11:53] Attending the Pratt Institute
  • [11:54 – 22:45] Matt’s first gig at Lambesis and living in Pasadena, California
  • [22:46 – 27:59] Working on Airwalk and transitioning from an art director to a copywriter
  • [28:00 – 29:40] The art of the headline
  • [29:41 – 32:18] How getting fired made Matt work harder than ever
  • [32:19 –34:20] Matt’s time working at Chiat Day
  • [34:21 – 37:50] The fear of being mediocre and how words are stupid
  • [37:51 – 45:34]: Working at Droga5 and how to get ahead in the industry
  • [45:35 – 51:47] Matt and Tom talk about what they look for in new hires
  • [51:48 – 52:30] Outro

 “The A-List” is a podcast produced by DiMassimo Goldstein, recorded at the Gramercy Post, and sponsored by the Adhouse Advertising School, New York’s newest, smallest, and hippest ad school. You can subscribe and rate the show on iTunes or listen along on SoundCloud. For updates on upcoming episodes and guests, be sure to like the A-List Podcast on Facebook and follow host Tom Christmann on Twitter. If you want to be interviewed for an upcoming episode, contact us at