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Write a worry list.

One secret of managing for growth is simply refusing to get clogged up.

You can think of this as never letting anything sit on your to do list.

But there’s still a problem:

Some of the most important things never make it to your to do list, because you don’t know what to do about them.

That’s why you need to start off by making a Worry List. What works for you? Talking? Doodling? Taking a walk? For me, writing works best. I’m uninhibited when I write. I just let my fingers fly and write any bullshit that comes out through my fingers. No one needs to see it anyway. At some point, I ask myself how I am. I ask myself what I’m worried about. I brainstorm concerns. There’s no bad worry here. I typically learn things I already knew, but didn’t know or remember I knew.

Think of great management as efficiently moving things from your worry list to your to do list to delegated, done or do-not-do.

I’m here to help you clear the blockages. The whole agency is. That’s what it’s an agent for!