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3 Positions.

Rebecca Weiser

Rebecca Weiser, Associate Media Director

That’s how long it’s been since I’ve updated my resume.

Two and a half years and three positions ago, I was nervously sitting in the hot seat across from Adam Lutz, Lee Goldstein, and Mark DiMassimo, discussing my future as a member of the Proove Accountable Media team. More specifically, I was anxiously maneuvering the delicate yet obligatory balancing act of all interviews: simultaneously convincing the higher-ups to hire me, while searching them for reasons to leave my big agency world – with its big, sexy clients – and become the fifth employee of DIGO’s startup media shop, Proove.

In my naivety, at the time I was convinced that small agency = limited potential. However, speaking with that power-trio about the growth, strategy, opportunities, and leadership I would be given at Proove opened my eyes to the much fuller, more vibrant picture of what exactly I was considering. What I didn’t realize at the time was that small agencies, especially startups, are the dictionary definition of “opportunity.” That most big agencies have come to operate like Eli Whitney’s cotton gin – each employee is an interchangeable part, a cog in the grand wheel of what keeps businesses afloat and profitable. At a small agency, though, each employee holds so much more importance and weight, and as a result, is valued much, much more highly.

Joining Proove in its infancy meant being able to help build a business from the ground up. It meant to establish infrastructure and process… to actually implement my ideas to revolutionize both the way we do business and how we interact with our clients – without running into any red tape. It meant being directly responsible for the growth of our existing accounts, the quadrupling our team, and the acquisition of new business.

Nothing can compare to the genuine high I feel when I get to promote my employees, when my clients personally thank me for the hard work I’ve done in expanding their bottom line, when I set the process and lay the structural groundwork for how this agency will run for years to come … all experiences afforded to me only because I joined Proove. The only way I can hope to describe this feeling is by pointing to my resume, untouched and still intact from that fateful day in the hot seat.

Two and half years and three positions later – I can confidently declare that I am PROUD to call this place my home…. I’m not going anywhere.