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365 Days of AI: Day 2

Happy New Year and welcome to 365 Days of AI: Day 2

At DiMassimo Goldstein we’re building the first integrated agency for the age of AI. So, what is “the age of AI,” what does it mean and why should you care?

The authors of Prediction Machines suggest a simple, elegant way to understand artificial intelligence – as “prediction machines.”

Today’s machine learning (a term synonymous with AI) can do tasks that typically take a human being one second or less.

Don’t think of giving an AI a job, think of giving it a task – a task of prediction. Predict whether that thing up ahead is a stop sign. Predict whether this image is a car. Predict whether this sound is the “wake up word.”

Prediction Machines is the best first book on AI you’ll ever read, even if you’ve read a bunch of books on AI. If you’re a results-oriented marketer, this is a great place to start your AI journey. Ajay Agarwal, Joshua Gans and Avi Goldfarb have written a terrific primer that all of us ought to read here at the dawn of the age of AI.

Thanks to John Mayo-Smith for initially turning me onto this great book.