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Accomplishing Dreams Wide Awake

Jeff Kastin

Jeff Kastin, Business Development Manager at DiMassimo Goldstein

I’ve been with DiMassimo Goldstein for three years now and it all started when Lee Goldstein approached me. How many Presidents do you know that are personally reaching out for you to come into the office for a possible gig? He wanted a new business guy that could “run the machine” and keep a foot on the pedal at all times. After a few interviews and a burger, I was hired. Within the first two weeks we had a new client to add to our roster. We started hot and haven’t cooled off yet! Mark DiMassimo in his own words said, “I don’t even want Kastin to change his underwear.” To be clear — my underwear is clean and the agency is growing everyday!

From being in my own closet office to now working on top of co-workers, seeing new hires monthly, creating new departments and brands, expanding office space — being part of the AGENCY GROWTH is what I’m most proud of. We recently expanded our office and took over the rest of the floor. I’m looking forward to a little breathing room for the time being, but I will make sure that we take over another floor in the near future.

I’m a family man with a beautiful wife and the coolest son ever (shout out to Ryder). DiMassimo Goldstein treats me like family and I’m proud to be part of an agency growth network like them. It’s extremely rewarding to wake up every morning knowing that you can effect so many people in a positive way. It’s not just growing an agency, but growing peoples lives.