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Collaboration Is The Path To Digital Connection.

The argument is over.

Digital is the most effective and efficient means of connecting with customers. Increasing consumer engagement digitally has measurable impact on both the top and bottom lines. Compelling digital content fuels an increasingly social, mobile, and connected world.
Case closed.

So we can all just get on with it, right?

Not quite.

Yes, there is agreement that digital technology has killed the traditional marketing funnel as consumers turn to one another for advice and information–and that this shift has put pressure on brands to create content that is consumable, shareable, and credible. But the common response seems to be to saddle marketing or corporate communications (or their agencies) with budget-starved mandates to get digital, to become publishers, to interact.

This is the approach that has launched thousands of corporate blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts. And this is the approach that misses an essential truth about life in the digital world: Digital should blur the lines between functions within the organization.

Digital technology has disrupted every industry and geography. The argument over whether to go digital has finally ground to a halt after 15 years of tedious, repetitious, and self-defeating corporate in-fighting because the effects of this disruption are simply undeniable. And yet companies continue to take on innovative challengers, empowered consumers, and fast-moving technological changes with old organizational models.

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