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DIGO Brands Digital

We don’t just do digital. We seize the opportunities of the digital age. We test and measure much more because it costs less to test than to fail to test. We use direct response results to inform not just direct tactics but the brand.

We believe that the user experience – of the product, the service, the website, the app, the call, the ad, the online video, the social promotion, or whatever – is the most important thing. Call it UX or user experience design or interacting design or experience, we are all over it.

We believe there are two kinds of media, those that are currently digital and those that are about to be digital. We integrate them all. We test and improve the mix. We work to report on them all in one paid, owned, earned dashboard. We push the edge of digitalization. We try to humanize and civilize the frontier as well. We approach social from the advertiser’s perspective, from the public relations professional’s perspective, from the digital and direct marketer’s perspective and from the social promoters perspective, without ever forgetting the perspective of the members of the social communities we inhabit.

We’ve become discerning appraisers of potential futures. But we also stay foolish, and hungry. Because we find it a lot more interesting on the edge.