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New York Times: DIGO Brands FreshDirect


FreshDirect, the online home-delivery grocer, is preparing a new advertising approach as it seeks to, er, um, freshen its brand image.

A campaign scheduled to begin this week is to introduce a theme, “Grocery shopping perfected,” that is intended as a more engaging way to express the company’s philosophy than current lines like “A new standard for grocery shopping.”

The new theme is part of a revamped pitch aimed at busy consumers — primarily working mothers — who care enough about the quality and provenance of the food they buy to pay FreshDirect’s prices.

The campaign is the first work from the DiMassimo Goldstein ad agency in New York, which won the FreshDirect creative account in a review. The company previously worked with another New York agency, Gotham, part of the Interpublic Group of Companies.

The campaign includes print advertisements, ads on the side of the seemingly ubiquitous FreshDirect trucks, direct mail, outdoor signs, online banner ads and a presence at events like food festivals. Read the full article here and see more ads from the campaign below: