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DIGO Brands The Today Show.

Mark DiMassimo was interviewed as a brand expert by FoxNews on the Matt Lauer/Ann Curry/NBC fiasco. Story below:

Hollie McKay, FoxNews.com

It is the story that never ends.

The image of a sobbing, pained Ann Curry on her last morning co-anchoring ‘Today’ alongside a seemingly insincere Matt Lauer – who awkwardly offers a shoulder rub – remains firmly planted in the minds of American audiences.

But according to Lauer, that June morning wasn’t a reflection of the whole truth.
Since Curry’s messy departure and Savannah Guthrie’s ascension into her position on the ‘Today’ couch, NBC’s $20-million-a-year man Matt Lauer has born much of the blame for the messy situation, with multiple news articles citing him as the instigator behind Curry’s ouster.

And as ‘Today’ ratings continue to slip, and the nation’s once highest-rated morning news program (for over 16 years) falls further and further behind now first-place ‘Good Morning America,’ NBC’s unsuccessful attempts to reboot Lauer’s public persona with such strategies as hosting the Golden Globes red carpet for the first time in 17 years, and a new ad campaign featuring Lauer and ‘Tdoay’ weatherman Al Roker reminiscing about the past, has now called for the ultimate crisis management move.

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