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DIGO Going Offline

Agencies should spend a lot of time coming up with ideas for clients.

It’s a simple thing, but the wall of information we all deal with can get in the way. That’s why, at DIGO, our most productive days tend to be Offlining Days.

What is Offlining? It’s a campaign we created in response to our growing attachment to devices, to encourage people to spend a little less time looking at screens and a little more time paying attention to the people in front of them.

This Friday, we’ll practice what we preach and take the entire agency offline from 10:30. Everyone in the office will put down their phones and turn off their computers. We’ll even take our website offline.

Every time we do this, we’re blown away by the results. We talk, we listen, and we focus intensely on generating big ideas for our clients, uninterrupted by the outside world if only for a little while. And we often emerge with ideas that dramatically change things for our clients.

So don’t be alarmed if we don’t answer your calls or respond to emails right away. We’ll be right back, hopefully as a brighter, more inspired agency. (And Caitlin will be at the front desk answering our main line all day, just in case emergencies crop up.)