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Drive to Apply – The Ultimate Growth Tool

There’s a tendency to lump all DRTV – short for direct response television – into one bucket. But, if categorization can spell the end of thought, this is a danger.

While there are certain principles that tie a Proactiv infomercial to a Geico commercial, there is a world of essential difference which separates them.

How to know when you are doing a Drive To Apply campaign:

1) You offer a service, membership or other engagement that requires an application.

2) Your media plan includes TV spots and/or Internet videos shorter than two minutes in order to increase reach and/or frequency.

Drive to Apply Quicken Loans
Quicken Loans uses Drive to Apply and also various tools such as mortgage calculators to engage their audience with useful information.
Drive to Apply e-Harmony
eHarmony uses a Drive to Apply approach because not all members are accepted into the dating site based on an extensive personality test.

3) Your success relies on reducing the cost per successful application (sometimes called the cost-per-account.)


Here’s what you need to know about Drive to Apply:

1) A Call to Action is not enough– you need a mnemonic.

This is something to aid in memory, because a good percentage of your responses will come in long after the 30 seconds of your spot has passed. Jingles, great names, catch phrases and unforgettable demonstrations, simple and differentiating statements — all can work.


2) Don’t go out there without a clear, different and better promise.

Progressive – We let you compare prices so you can make the best decision for you.  Dollar Shave Club – It’s smart to pay a lot less for razors.


3) Boil your differentiating promise down to a memorable, repeatable phrase.

Geico – 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance. American Express – Don’t leave home without it.

4) Keep the cost of research and testing low so you can do a lot and learn a lot.

5) Test multiple promises to find the most responsive.

6) Test multiple expressions of the promise.

Changing a single word can sometimes increase response by hundreds of percentage points. For the Citibank AAdvantage Card, when we changed the word “travel” to the word “miles” we increased response and conversion by 100% to 200% across the board, which helped grow that business by many multiples.

7) Keep the cost of production down so you can test a lot of different creative approaches to deliver the promise on an ongoing basis.

8) Remember that you must break through.

You must touch a nerve. You can’t bore your way to the hall of fame in this business.

9) Brand is not something you invest in or slow down for.

When you’re doing it right, brand is what you build with every sale.

10) Keep the cost of media down by not paying commissions improves your results before you even start.

11) Extend your media dollar by integrating viral, digital and social content that builds word-of-mouth and sales.

(For example, Dollar Shave Club closes more than half of their new accounts through viral videos.)

12) Spend enough money to hire the right agency to help you do this right.

Your power to help your company grow may depend on it.