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Engineering desire.

You wake up on a speeding train, in a bubbling landscape, on a fragile orb careening through space. You open your eyes, and you try to make sense of your predicament. There are other eyes. And they come with explanations. The explanations conflict. If you’re lucky, you learn how to make yourself happy. And then you’re happy with your own explanations, and nearly all the new that occurs to you gets filed in the established folders.

All too certain, you fear you aren’t certain enough. You are ever on the prowl for mortar to shore up your certainty. Which is to say your sense of self. That’s where we come in. Brands are mortar. The stories we tell fill the chinks in your façade. We remind you how it looks from the outside. We make a public reputation for you to live up to. Ultimately, we help you define yourself and all you have to do is spend a little money. And you do spend.

Human Beings are desiring animals.

When we lose desire, we lose the will to live. In fact, scientists have shown that when the part of the brain that creates desire is injured, deep and enduring depression results. The desire to live is gone.

Isn’t that interesting? Not when we lose the ability to feel satisfaction or happiness or joy, but when we lose desire.

Deep inside, there is a shark that needs to keep moving forward or die. Desire moves us forward.

“Move me forward today. Move me. Make me desire something.”

We hear you, Human Beings. And never fear.

That’s what we’re here for.