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Growth isn’t work. It’s life.

Here’s a quick dispatch from the intersection of personal, creative and business growth:

Some folks turn off at the phrase “personal growth” because it sounds like a lot of work. “Hey, I’m OK just as I am!”

But growth is as natural as breathing. It’s what we’re meant to do. Only sometimes we block what’s natural for us, and that takes a lot more work and energy.

Like staying in a job for “security” when we know we’re stultified. Like choosing the “safe” campaign rather than the right one. Like picking colleagues or partners who won’t challenge you.

Some places assume their people are inanimate objects, fixed entities. Productivity is expected, but growth isn’t. Other places assume growth.

People seldom end up in the position where they started. Typically, they move up, over or on to very different things than anyone could have predicted. Growth unfolds naturally, if you let it.

We choose growth clients because we want to grow, and find they are the ultimate growth fuel. We like money, but this isn’t about that. We’ll turn down revenue growth – and we have many times – in favor of growing in the way that feels natural for us.

So much is possible when you have a growth mindset. You come to expect that people will surprise you, and that you’ll surprise yourself. A life of growth is habit forming. While you’re living, you’ll never want to get into a box again.