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Helping more people get into therapy.

BetterHelp reached out to DiGo to change behavior and get more people into therapy.

The largest therapy brand in North America, BetterHelp’s commitment to address America’s behavioral and mental health crisis exceeds even their market share. 

In fact, the problem was so big that taking market share wouldn’t solve it. Less than half of the people who need therapy actually get it. The only way to get many more people the better help they need is to change behavior on a massive scale. 

Doing this started with a business analysis and identifying the behaviors that would drive impact and value. Many more people would need to try therapy through BetterHelp.

Through our 3M’s Behavior Change Marketing process, we discovered a key insight that unlocked motivation and inspired action: 

People suffering from anxiety or depression also suffer from a lot of bad advice.

While much of the advice the target audience was enduring was well-meaning, it made a lie of the notion that non-professional care could address these painful conditions.


Less than half the people who need therapy actually get it. BetterHelp is the largest therapy brand in North America. The way they grow their impact is to grow therapy. They asked DiGo to help them crack this challenge, so we did.

Desired Positive Behavior Change

From relying on the well-meaning but poor advice of non-professionals and white-knuckling it alone to getting better in therapy. This adds up to millions of more people taking advantage of professional psychotherapy.

Positive Behavior Change Idea

Advice that actually helps.