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How Is An Ad Agency Like Google?

An agency is a machine that a client uses to get a result.

Maybe someone at Google, or down on Wall Street, thinks Google is a humungous corporation with many business interests.


Google is a wonderful little machine that you use to produce results. Search results, to be precise. If Google wasn’t that first, it would never have become any of those other things.

A McDonald’s is a sweet little machine that gives a franchisee a predictably great business. Walmart is a machine that brings people, originally in rural areas, all the stuff they could need and want at ridiculously affordable prices. Facebook comes down to the page, a sweet little machine that connects people to their friends and acquaintances. Twitter is the irresistible little gizmo that people use to share and follow.

Amazon is a machine you use to get things from the Internet to your door.

When your sweet little machine reaches a certain level of excellence, of course it starts to sell like hotcakes. When it produces it’s result predictably, economically and pleasingly, it multiplies and replicates through geometric progressions of growth.

An agency is a machine that a client uses to get a result. A communications result. A marketing result. A business result.

That’s what we’re here for. That’s the sweet little gizmo that makes all the difference.

So, if we’re focused on fundamentals, then we’re focused on how well that machine is working for our clients. We’re working every day to make that machine better and better. We’re reporting every week. We’re fine-tuning the measurement. We’re exquisitely open to feedback about those results and the experience of using the machine.

What marketer doesn’t want an excellent results machine?