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How Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn got hired for an internship.

jeff weiner

Someone just told me a great story about an intern she interviewed as a favor, about twenty years ago, who went on to be the CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner.

He was in business school at the time. She had already hired all the interns she could for the season. And, anyway, in their short interview, he hadn’t impressed her much.

She wanted to get him out of her office. She tried to usher him out.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t have any intern positions left for this summer.”

He said, “I have just one question.”

“O.K.” she said, “Shoot.”

“Do you have a five year plan?”

“A five year plan?! I have a plan for today.”

“If you hire me, I will write your five year plan.”

She hired him. He wrote her plan. It worked. He went on to great things, and no one was surprised, least of all her.

Great question. Great offer. Great career.