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How to get the Cannes experience in New York City tonight with just a can of soup.

Ah, Cannes. Big, bloated ad agency muckety-mucks breaking expense accounts (and the occasional magnum of Rosé) on the terrace at the Carlton as they celebrate ads that may not have done much for their clients’ bottom lines. “But that cinematography, though!”

At DiMassimo Goldstein, we prefer to celebrate Inspiring Action. And, while it may be fun to fly to the south of France and go to lunches and pool parties and beach parties and the occasional seminar, let’s face it: it doesn’t do much good for the world at large.

That’s why we started the Festival De Cans.

Tonight if you’re in New York, starting at 7pm, if you bring a can of food for the hungry to our offices at 220 E23rd Street, 2nd floor, you will get a can of beer, wine or soda in return. That’s it. Okay, you can have several cans of beer, wine or soda. Oh, and we’ll probably have some music. We could make it French music, if you like. And we made some sweet cans of air freshener that will totally have it smelling like the beach up in this joint. And there’ll be some pretty cool people to talk to. Just look at the list of attendees on our Facebook guest list. It’s a veritable who’s-who-of-whoever-isn’t-in-Cannes-right-now.

So come on by and join in our Inspiring Action. It’s what we do here at DiMassimo Goldstein. We get brands to do things that get people to do things that make the world a better place. Like donating food and drinking wine out of a can.

Oh, yes you will. And the world will be better for it. We promise.

And, hey, if you want to go skinny-dipping in the East River afterword, you totally can. Just don’t tell anyone where you were before you did that, because we will deny ever having met you.

Is your agency at Cannes?