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How To Talk Trader, DIGO Style

Traders are an elusive and coveted audience. Yet these epitomes of self-directed consumers have broken many a marketer.
Whether retail or pro, the key to making it with traders is understanding the trader psyche’, tapping into the trader myth, and speaking trader language.
Here are some winning examples from the DIGO archives, including classic campaigns and work as current as today.
Trader’s trade. When you get it right, things can happy fast. This campaign helped Island emerge from deep in the pack to overtake Instinet and become the #1 market for professional traders. It took less than one year.

INET – I’d Rather Be Trading.
The essential truth of the trader’s world. Everything else pales in comparison. When a campaign captures a category truth in an entertaining way, it can quickly go social. Trader’s immediately made this campaign their own, sending us their own gorgeous and sometimes unprintable ads. Years later, several classics are still in email circulation. Check out some trader-created INET ads.

thinkorswim – the counter-phobic impulse.

How are traders like bulls? Wave the red cape of caution in their faces, and they’re ready to charge! These acquisition display ads proved it.
thinkorswim – love at first trade. Traders want the thrill designed into their tools, just as sports car drivers want more than a way to get from a to b. When it feels right, they know it.

The trader psyche’ extends far beyond stocks, bonds, futures, forex, options and commodities. Airline miles, hotel bookings, borrowing, shopping, saving – just about everything – can be and is played as a trading game.

Today, every marketer must succeed with the self-directed decision-maker. Studying traders – the most avid species of self-directed consumer – is a great place to start. – financial technology so smart it’s kind of scary.