If you want to know the future, invent it. | DiMassimo Goldstein

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If you want to know the future, invent it.

There are so many excuses. So many shades of red and yellow light. You need to see these for what they are, or you’re going to take “Wait” for an answer.

We never get all the facts. Speed chess masters. Champion poker players. Genius stock traders. Anyone who runs a business, a marketing campaign or a brand – they all have one thing in common. They make better decisions with nothing like all the facts.

In other words, they gaze into the same cloudy ambiguity that everyone else sees, and they choose a better path.

You will too. In order to do this well, you’ll need to understand a bit about the irrational biases and the distortions and limitations that the human mind — yes, even yours – brings to the table. You need to be able to see these things so that you can plan against them in yourself, and so that you can address, correct or exploit them in others.

You will need to be come and applied behavior economist. Good news is, you probably already are one. Now you just need to get better.