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I Found My Home.

Debra Wolf

Debra Wolf, Brand Director at DiMassimo Goldstein

In 2013 I joined the DiMassimo Goldstein team. Prior to coming onboard I had only worked at “large” ad agencies; companies who had at least 500 employees and 10 account members to one client. While I always wanted to escape the feeling of being just another cog in the machine, I was nervous about making a change so far along in my career. Then I met Lee Goldstein.

My resume of many years in client services made its way onto Lee’s desk and in less than I week I was heading up 3 amazing accounts at DiMassimo Goldstein. I guess you could say it was love at first sight.

Mark and Lee foster a culture where everyone is expected to make an impact on our client’s business – no matter title or department. You walk through the agency at any given time and feel the creative buzz, see the camaraderie between departments and hear passionate conversations on how to best solve a business issue.

It’s been almost a year since my start date and not a day has gone by where I didn’t feel accomplished. I’m proud to call all of my “co-workers” friends and am beyond grateful for finding my home.