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The Power Of The Buddy System

12039523_10100778309408609_378095294695668421_nStarting a new job can be a very exciting time in your life, but the process often leaves you feeling uneasy and intimidated. You’re the new kid on the block, doing your best to navigate your new surroundings and make a good impression. Most of us will quickly try to find allies in the office, but that isn’t always easy to do. It doesn’t help that stressful situations, back-to-back meetings and timely deadlines are not the ideal ingredients for relationship building.

In September 2015, Fast Company published an article breaking down the importance of having friends in the work place and why it is crucial to our happiness. The article claims that even though we spend most of our days at work, we are less likely to have friends in the office now in comparison to past years. Although this seems like a problem most directly affecting employees, it is also a troublesome problem for employers looking to maintain a positive, productive work place where they can groom long-term talent.

Since our mission at DiMassimo Goldstein is to Inspire Action, we set out to find a solution to this growing problem in the hopes of increasing employee happiness, productivity and motivation. The solution was to start a two-month lunch program that gives employees the opportunity to go to lunch with one another. Each lunch you get thirty dollars to spend with your buddy and the only guideline is that it should be with someone you don’t know very well.

Being one of the newer employees at DiGo, I wanted to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. My work life was very separate from my personal life when I first started in May, and although I loved my new role, I wasn’t as friendly with my coworkers as I had been at previous jobs. This new company program gave me the confidence and opportunity to reach out to coworkers in various departments including creative, strategy, operations, media and production. This also opened the door for me to reach out to senior staff members that I didn’t otherwise interact with on a regular basis.

There are so many reasons I have enjoyed this program, aside from my love of free food. After speaking with different people from different departments, I learned more about how each department functions on a day-to-day basis and ways the account team can better work with them. Having a reason to get out of the office and get some fresh air helped me focus better in the afternoon and increased my productivity level. I noticed I feel much more comfortable walking around the office, chatting with people before meetings or even bumping into them in the kitchen. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to ask advice from people with valuable experience which will not only help me grow at DiGo, but also as young person in the advertising industry.

When introducing this program to the company, Mark DiMassimo explained that the goal was for everyone to be able to say they have at least six friends in the office. After speaking with some of my new lunch buddies, I can confidently say that many of us have accomplished that goal and then some.

And they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch…

-Morgan Kelly, Brand Manager



What’s Your Measure of Proof?

There was once a man who refused to give up smoking until it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that smoking caused disease.

He didn’t live long enough to see the proof.

Today, there are direct (digital, mobile, SAAS, subscription, e-commerce, club…) marketers who refuse to improve their marketing success with an insight-driven multi-channel strategy until the perfect attribution model has been developed.

Every day, another one is buried by a marketer with a more reasonable measure of proof.

Is overall marketing efficiency your ultimate measure? Is making one dollar of marketing spend return two or three or four times as many customers your objective?

If so, you are an optimizer.

If you prefer perfectly attributable though small gains in discrete channels, then you’re an incrementalist.

Optimizers eat incrementalists for lunch.

Sometimes, in very big places, incrementalists work in the middle of a pyramid with optimizers at the top. Even so, they can only swim so far up before they hit a ceiling. Too late, they find that the open market is not a very friendly place for an incrementalist.

Why do incrementalists do it to themselves? Is it because they are trading upside for certainty? Is being sure more valuable to them than being successful? Is being right worth more to them than results?

Or did they just swallow a less intelligent idea of what it is a marketer is supposed to do?

Well … enough musing about the incrementalists, much as I would like to convert as many of them as possible to a life of success beyond explanation.

We are for the optimizers.


Freedom’s Pusher

We think we’re free, but we have habits. Our habits are tyrants. They dominate us. Hard as we may try, we can’t get free of habits, we can only build new ones. And we only feel “free” when we’re dominated by habits that empower us.

So, freedom is an addiction.

I help people form more inspiring, more empowering habits. I help marketers make more inspiring decisions, so they can help more people form more inspiring habits.

I’m Freedom’s Pusher.

Please Enjoy Responsibly.

Max Millington
Max Millington, Sr. Art Director at DiMassimo Goldstein

If you haven’t yet, all of you, my fellow DiGoners will be asked to describe your “Proudest” moment here at DiMassimo Goldstein. So I spent this last week mulling over the last three and a half years here, and I have come to realize that I cannot answer this question.

Simply put… it can not possibly sound BAD-ASS. Like, there’s just no way…

Actually, it would be some of the most down-right cheesy sh*t you may ever hear… ever.

And you know, who knows… some hot chick may read this post at some point in the future.

And I’m sorry, but I CANNOT afford to have some future hot chick not fall in love with me, all over some touchy feel-y mumbo about how I love my job. Or because whenever when I think back to the day when I started, I tend to get teary-eyed from the inspiring growth that I personally bore witness to. All I’m saying is, that if I ever said anything like, “It’s not a just job, it’s The Life.” it wouldn’t be easy to maintain any semblance of BADASS-ARY. There just isn’t a cool way to say: Every moment at DiMassimo Goldstein is potentially my proudest. And that’s where we run into trouble…

So, I have decided it’s in everyone’s best interest go another way with it entirely, and I sketched up a few possibilities of what this future hot chick could look like…

Please Enjoy Responsibly.

By MAx

I Found My Home.

Debra Wolf

Debra Wolf, Brand Director at DiMassimo Goldstein

In 2013 I joined the DiMassimo Goldstein team. Prior to coming onboard I had only worked at “large” ad agencies; companies who had at least 500 employees and 10 account members to one client. While I always wanted to escape the feeling of being just another cog in the machine, I was nervous about making a change so far along in my career. Then I met Lee Goldstein.

My resume of many years in client services made its way onto Lee’s desk and in less than I week I was heading up 3 amazing accounts at DiMassimo Goldstein. I guess you could say it was love at first sight.

Mark and Lee foster a culture where everyone is expected to make an impact on our client’s business – no matter title or department. You walk through the agency at any given time and feel the creative buzz, see the camaraderie between departments and hear passionate conversations on how to best solve a business issue.

It’s been almost a year since my start date and not a day has gone by where I didn’t feel accomplished. I’m proud to call all of my “co-workers” friends and am beyond grateful for finding my home.

My Dream

Erica Grau, Graphic Designer at DiMassimo Goldstein

I moved to New York 4 years ago when I thought I just wanted to check it out for a year. I fell in love with the constant energy, inspiring people, and worldly culture. I knew by moving from my home, Marietta, Georgia, I would be a step closer to my dream. My dream is to impact people through my creativity. I want to use my own energy to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves so they can in turn spread their own passion. I think if everyone feels free to be their unique and awesome selves, the world only becomes more beautiful and authentic. (more…)

The soul-crushing joy of advertising

Tom Millington, Copywriter, DiMassimo Goldstein

This is my first job in the world of advertising. I had taken Mark’s class, done some freelance work, and completed some necessary reading so I could be deemed competent with a certain amount of confidence. More or less though, I was hired on faith. Faith that what had been seen from me during my time in class and as a freelancer was not an outlier, but indicative of greater, underlying potential. Since the day I started, I’ve felt a constant assault of anxiety and self-doubt as I try to reward that faith. I’ve experienced the never-ending rollercoaster, as I’m sure most creatives have, as I’ve gone from feeling like an utterly worthless piece of crap to being roughly 99 percent sure that I am actually the second coming of Christ, only to plummet back down again. It’s exhausting and thoroughly, unapologetically addicting. (more…)

“I’ve never felt more proud of myself.”

By Tyler Maxson, Art Director at DiMassimo Goldstein

My life at DIGO began in the class Mark taught for the School of Visual Arts. After a while, I really started to hit it off with Mark and was able to work my way into an internship, which eventually turned into a full time position. Before I knew it, I was working on my first big project, a campaign for New York Health and Racquet club promoting their 40th anniversary celebration. For the first time in my life, my work was for something other than a grade. There was an actual, living, breathing, and most importantly, paying client anxiously awaiting the completion of my work. It was nothing short of mind-blowing. However, this was only the beginning. (more…)