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You can impel action without inspiring it.

Tyrants do that. So do frauds.

But, if your action isn’t inspiring,
then all the actions will never add up to something greater.

All the clicks, hovers, registrations, deposits, sales, subscriptions, shares, visits…


That may work for a while, but never works in the long run.

Don’t be fooled by short-term results. Many failed regimes and business models had excellent short-term results.

Determine never to merely invite, tempt, seduce, compel or incentivize action when you can inspire it.

It’s the only way to meaningful actions, relationships and organizations.

Inspiring action.

When first,
Inspiring is a verb
And then is an adjective
is the only way.

When you build with
Inspiring Action
What you do means so much more
Than what you say.