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Inspiring Action Podcast with Leslie Dukker Doty

Leslie Doty was the marketer behind the legendary Citibank AAdvantage Card campaign that won the top Account Planning Group Award, a Gold Effie, and was recognized by the Loyalty Marketers Association as the campaign of the decade. That campaign, created with creative director, Mark DiMassimo, was the seed that helped launch DiMassimo’s fledgling agency, nearly two decades ago. The journey of discovery to the inspiring idea behind that campaign was the seed from which the Inspiring Action approach that Doty and DiMassimo share has grown. As colleagues and friends, Leslie and Mark have achieved many things as partners in inspiring action. Fast forward 19 years and the agency that Leslie undoubtedly helped take liftoff has long since named a conference room in her honor, and what better title for the plaque than the “Leslie Doty Dukker Center of Inspiration”?

Leslie’s extraordinary resume includes stints as the Senior VP at MasterCard Advisors, Managing Partner of DiMassimo Goldstein, Corporate Vice President at CVS health, and now as the Chief Marketing Officer and President of Reader’s Digest Consumer Services, Inc.

In this very special episode of the “Inspiring Action Podcast”, Leslie and Mark revisit their time working on Citibank’s AAdvantage card, an experience that both call transformative in their careers. Listen in as Leslie tells Mark about the defining moment in her career when she became a marketer, and how a great insight can turn into an award winning campaign.