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Introducing the Inspiring Action Podcast

Almost two years ago, we embarked on a journey to get to heart of what were the key ingredients to the successes we’ve had as an agency over the past decade-and-a-half. In that timespan, we’d created dozens memorable campaigns and even affected positive social change with some movements of our own. We wanted to know not only what separated these cases from our more ordinary opportunities, but how to fill our work and personal lives with the clients, coworkers and friends who would fuel our growth to a place where these situations the only situations we could accept.

At the end of this process, we discovered a lot about ourselves and most importantly, our core differentiator of “inspiring action.” We realized that inspiring without action is fluff, and action without inspiration is an interruption. It’s the filter we judged every new venture on moving forward.

With this new filter, we started to identify philosophies, techniques, case studies, success stories, processes, and most importantly, people who will eventually become an Inspiring Action book, and has become this Inspiring Action podcast.

We know from our friends and former client Netflix that one way to inspire action is to release a whole bunch of content at once, so people can “binge.” So if you find yourself inspired by Inspiring Action, we’re started you off with four new episodes hot off the presses with interviews with people we admire tremendously.

Eric Yaverbaum is a long-time friend, public relations legend and co-conspirator with Inspiring Action Podcast host Mark DiMassimo, whose successes include  the Tappening and Offlining movements. With Tappening, Eric and Mark reversed the 20 year upward trend of bottled water sales by encouraging people to drink more tap water. In this episode, we’ll learn from this case and others, including Eric helping prevent a Major League Baseball strike, how defining an alternative future you exist to prevent can give you the lofty goal you need to inspire huge actions.

Ty Montague was the co-president of global ad agency JWT, where it was named Agency of the Year under his helm. Feeling like something was missing, Ty realized that every client came to an agency with the idea that advertising was the solution to their problems, and wanted to know how he could enter the process at a higher, more inspiring level. He and his partner Rosemarie Ryan co-founded Co-Collective, committed to solving the problem of an epidemic of solving and a dearth of doing through “StoryDoing.”

Anthony Butler is a lifelong technologist who took apart his first computer and wrote his first code when he was fourteen. He has founded three businesses and is the former CEO of one of the 100 largest IT services companies in the country. He is a professional speaker and as a combat veteran and graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. In this podcast, Anthony teaches us about how one of the core issues around inspiring action in people through leadership is removing the obstacles they need to do brilliant work.

Ty Shay is the CMO of Lifelock, formerly of Squaretrade, FanIQ, Hotwire, Esurance and Procter & Gamble. In this riveting discussion, we learn from Ty how to inspire action in business by learning from sports, and how picking the best teams and situations are your key to success. If you want to be like this many-time NBA champion coach and current New York Knicks president, you need to learn what questions to ask before you enter a new situation. And how those questions should focus more on the “who” and not on the “what” or the “why.”

When you want to inspire action, you have to have a clear end in mind for what action you wish to inspire. For this podcast, it’s inspiring you to take action. So if you like what we’re doing, we hope the action you take is to share it with your friends and find a way to inspire the action you want to see in this world.

Are you Inspiring Action in the world? Do you want to tell the world about it on a future episode of Inspiring Action with Mark DiMassimo?