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Today, scores of former agencies are dropping the “agency” moniker. Where does DIGO stand? As usual, we’re going to give it to you straight.

If by “agency” you mean one of those traditional, hidebound, pretentious, print, radio and tv factories, with initials on the door, drawn from the names of dead white men, massive overhead, executive committees, public stock, analyst meetings, acquisition funds, full-time novelists with ten-year separation agreements, “integration” by acquisition, A-Team for pitches, B-team for clients, C-team for clients spending less than $100 million, trainees for you, bill by the hour and commissions too, “creative” timesheets, “well it’s your fault because you changed the brief,” If that’s what you mean by agency, then DIGO is definitely not an agency.

On the other hand, if by “agency” you mean your passionate “agent” in the world, your committed partner, your confidant and advisor, your arms and legs and surplus brains and guts too; if by agency you mean your team, your comrades, your eyes and ears in the marketplace, people working on your marketing problems and opportunities even as you sleep; if you mean the people who are helping you build your brand and your business, make the most of social, mobile and digital opportunities as well as wring the last bit of efficiency out of traditional channels; if you mean the people who always delight you with unexpected ideas, who sweat with you and celebrate with you too; if by agency you mean the people who make your job possible and your mission attainable, well then DIGO is definitely an agency, and damn proud of it!