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It’s just not that complicated – the one thing you’re always selling.

You know, it’s just not that complicated. Whatever it is that you’re selling – and you’re always selling – it always comes down to something pretty simple.

People want to feel more alive.

There it is, I said it. The man choosing an online broker. The woman deciding which blog to read. The new employee you’re trying to train. They all want the same thing, each in their own way. They want to see whether what you’ve got to offer can help them feel more alive. And you want to let them use you to get there.

Software or cancer treatment, streaming or mobile, cable or dish, or just which show to watch, it’s the same. What’s going to give me more life? What’s going to make me feel more alive?

Sometimes it’s about taming fear. Other times it’s about boosting courage. Or fun. Or a sense of self-efficacy, as in, “I can do this!”

It’s seldom about a feature or a price. But it’s often about how those things contribute to that feeling that spells more alive.

Growth leaders get this. Look at all the life the true geniuses of growth manage to pack into their products and brands! Ben & Jerry. Richard Branson’s Virgin. Steve Jobs’ Apple. Martha knew too. It’s all about living, and it’s a good thing.

Having worked along side so many of these growth masters, it’s striking just how simple and human it all looks to them, and how powerfully they radiate this simple insight.
If you want to growth, just offer people the ability to fell more alive.

And K.I.S.S.

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