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DIGO Brands Our Mission

We do lot of things that ultimately add up to one thing: we help companies grow. We do that by building brands. And we do that with a myriad of different tools. Research. Strategic planning. Media planning. PR. Social media. Design. Direct response. All of that in addition to what people have now come to call “Traditional advertising,” i.e. television, print, and digital. All of it just comes down to communicating in a way that makes it easy for people to like your company. It actually strikes us as a little weird that terms like “Traditional media” or “Interactive agency” are even still around. Does the Internet really seem non-traditional to anyone anymore? Doesn’t everyone want their audience to interact with their brand? The labels just get sillier by the day. Technology will continue to give us new ways to reach people. But the fundamental task remains the same – connecting with people. At least until one of those horror movies comes true and some mad scientist creates a species of super intelligent sharks which then escape and breed and soon establish colonies on our beaches and soon thereafter become a new target demographic. But until we have to become experts at making emotional connections with mutant sharks, we’ll remain students of technology and experts in people. Contact us. Let’s grow together.