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Everlane | Case Study

You have an “inspiring idea” above commercial intent.

Radical Transparency.

Honesty. It’s an established virtue that all humans strive to live by. With that, wouldn’t it make sense if everything else in our lives followed suit? In a clothing industry ridden with deceit, Everlane’s adage of “Radical Transparency” has brought them to the forefront of the fashion industry. This inspiring idea of transparency urges people to further “Know your factories. Know your costs. Always ask why.” It’s clear that these nine words have influenced every aspect of the business.

They also appreciate a good story and understand that every part of this retail process is a story worth telling.

You’ve defined the alternative future you exist to prevent.

Everlane wants to bring well-made products at honest prices to their consumer – simply.

In traditional retail, designer clothing is marked up 8x before it even hits the shelves. Add on the building rent and taxes for a nice little extra bonus beyond that!

Everlane first helps customers save money by existing solely online – no brick-and-mortar bonuses here. Beyond that, for every product in their store, Everlane breaks down cost for you. The “true cost” of each item is explained – which is the sum of pricing for materials, hardware, labor, duties and transport. The cost is then just doubled (versus marked up 8x) for the Everlane price. Not to mention, they give you extra information about the fit, how the style originated and even facts about the factory it was created in.

These descriptions are clear-cut, simple and answer every question you never knew you had about your clothing.



Discover what the people you serve aspire to be and do.

In this world of hyper-connected mass consumption, never-ending feelings that you must “have it all,” and exponentially growing choices, Everlane’s simple product line is a welcomed change of pace. Brevity is beauty.

Their offerings are simple – basics in 2 or 3 different colors. Well made and durable. Not the cheapest clothing, but not the most expensive either. Modern basics that are contemporary yet timeless.

All people are familiar with honesty. Everlane connects with its consumers by being the people that all of us should be. They tell a story that anyone who has ever bought clothing can connect with.

Help people interrupt and redirect behaviors into habits.

Just by offering all of this information to their consumers, Everlane makes people realize what they don’t know about their clothing and its production process. The current world of retail is tainted with skepticism and distrust because of what is hidden. Consumers currently believe that ignorance is bliss when it comes to factories, ethical practices and pricing models. Exposing the truth in a delicate yet real way has upped the ante for every other retailer out there.

Dramatize the inspiring idea through a small number of iconic actions.

#DearEverlane – A hashtag used on the brand’s Instagram to showcase written reviews from satisfied customers. The stories are delightful, real, and the brand usually wittily responds with information about a special product relating to the customer’s story.



Everlane’s Snapchat stories –

The brand’s Snapchat stories show tours of the factories, random acts of kindness, pop quizzes and easy-to-digest retail production facts. Those who tune in have chances at winning free clothing and free education.

#getmeroomservice –

Shoes might be the hardest thing to shop for online. Since Everlane doesn’t have any brick-and-mortar stores, they brought their release of their shoe line to selected locations. They visited hotel suites in four cities, opened up the rooms by appointment, and let customers come in to try on their shoes before purchasing. People could sign up via hashtag #getmeroomservice or by following their social channels. For those who couldn’t make it, Everlane revealed the entire experience on their Snapchat story.



Everlane Now NYC/SF –

The brand understands that all of us city-dwellers have limited time to pick up our dry cleaning and shop for groceries, let alone buy new clothes. If you reside in New York or San Francisco, Everlane will deliver anything from their store to wherever you are in under an hour. Unfortunately, they can’t get your dry cleaning or groceries along the way.

#KnowYourFood – Everlane collaborated with Edible Schoolyard NYC and five local chefs to help kids in school eat better. The brand made custom “Chef Totes” with all sales going toward the foundation. In just one day, they raised $15K for the program and celebrated at sustainable gardens all around the city.

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