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Refreshing HelloFresh

When HelloFresh first came to us, they asked for a new and inspiring identity. We worked hard to launch a family of interchangeable logos that all perfectly captured HelloFresh’s friendly and zesty brand personality. Our refreshed and inspiring logo design recently won a silver at the Graphis Award Show.

HelloFresh logo before and after

Man wearing a HelloFresh apron while cooking

Designing the Total Package

Next, we saw an opportunity to apply the brand to the company’s most valuable asset: its packaging. While our competitors were owning “serious chef,” we saw an opportunity for HelloFresh to use its packaging to further the whimsical, friendly brand proposition, and live into the promise that the brand helps the consumer succeed in the kitchen. Our redesign evolved the product experience by including brand cues, content and tips to aid the cooking process. And best of all, it served as a continuous reminder of the brand inside the consumer’s refrigerator.  The redesign was so well received that it was versioned globally.

HelloFresh packaging with new logo


A Healthy and Happy Consumer

After finishing the beautiful redesign, HelloFresh wanted to express the fact that cooking healthier doesn’t mean cooking longer. They wanted people to know that HelloFresh wouldn’t take them away from living their life as they normally would. So, we created a fully integrated campaign that showed how cooking dinner at home could be so, so easy.


HelloFresh transit campaign on NYC subway

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