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Hey there!

We’re DiMassimo Goldstein, a leading behavior change agency based in with a reputation for building iconic fintech brands in the direct-to-consumer age.

Venmo has been a -er with how people share not only , but also experiences. From paying to paying for last weekend’s , you make it easier for consumers to say “” each and every day to fun new activities and adventures. But when you stop being the newest or shiniest app on the , how do you get people to keep your way?

Over here at DiMassimo Goldstein (DiGo for short) we are who create work that makes us a leading behavior change agency. We believe clients shouldn’t have to between building their brand and driving response. So we work with them to do both.

We know too, and from bringing a new to TradeStation to reminding people of the power of with Affinity Federal Credit Union, we’ve been able to make work that resonates with the audience and gets results for the brand.

Let’s face it, not all brands are looking to make a difference in the . But we are, and we think Venmo is too. It’s the reason we’re reaching out .

That’s our ¢! Thanks for , and if you’d ever like to about what we can do with you, drop us a line at